Ecosystem Navigators

Ecosystem Navigators within the ElevateIP Alberta program empower underrepresented entrepreneurs to harness the full potential of their intellectual property (IP), ensuring equitable access to resources, guidance, and strategic support.

Their role is to be your guide in navigating the IP landscape, championing your unique needs while positioning your business for growth and competitive advantage.

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A non-profit organization dedicated to empowering BIPOC communities through equal opportunities, resources, and networks.

The BIPOC Foundation offers vital insights, resources, and networking opportunities to support entrepreneurship among underserved groups, including new Canadians. Its primary goal is to enhance capacity building and provide extensive support to boost economic participation among underestimated founders.

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A Financial Feminist™ platform where investors and entrepreneurs come together to democratize access to capital for women and gender-diverse founders.

By amplifying the impact of underrepresented groups, The 51 builds mutual wealth and social/environmental impact, shares knowledge and experiences, practices intersectional feminism through financial action and produces influential investors, innovators, suppliers, and consumers.

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A non-profit organization that supports New Canadians and first-time entrepreneurs in launching startups and SMEs.

Catapult aims to integrate new entrepreneurs into Canada’s business landscape by offering access to capital, marketing, legal advice, operations, technology, market research, and mentorship. Their mission is to establish 200 startups or SMEs, create 5,000 jobs, and contribute $3 billion to Alberta’s GDP by 2032.

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A social enterprise focused on education, training, and mentorship for community economic sovereignty.

Indigitech Destiny has a dual approach: its vibrant annual Tech Conference serves as a platform to spotlight and celebrate Indigenous professionals’ contributions to technology, innovation, and creative industries, fostering visibility and connection within these fields. Complementing this, its social enterprise arm focuses on empowering Indigenous communities through targeted education, training, and mentorship initiatives, aiming to cultivate economic sovereignty and ensure sustainable, culturally relevant development opportunities.

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Strengthening Indigenous Business Through Intellectual Property

Our partnership with Canadian Council for Indigenous Business (CCIB)
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The CCIB and ElevateIP Alberta have partnered to enhance IP support for Indigenous entrepreneurs by identifying their unique needs.

CCIB builds bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, businesses, and communities through diverse programming, providing tools, training, network building, major business awards, and national events.

The CCIB is actively engaging with Indigenous entrepreneurs though a series of roundtables and feedback sessions. The goal is to uncover and address the unique challenges and obstacles that Indigenous entrepreneurs face in protecting their intellectual property, especially concerning Traditional Knowledge (TK), Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCE), and Genetic Resources (GR).

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