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ElevateIP Alberta gives you access to the funding, support, resources and tools you need to protect your startup’s intellectual property (IP) and grow your business.


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What is ElevateIP Alberta?

ElevateIP Alberta is delivered in partnership by Innovate Calgary and Economic Development Lethbridge. Its core mission is to help founders manage, leverage and protect their intellectual property with the support of business accelerators and incubators (BAIs).

Why protect your IP?

Legally protecting your creations and innovations is critical to long-term business success — but it can be complicated. Many startups lack sufficient resources, funds, and expertise to develop and implement a strong IP strategy.

Develop, strengthen, and implement your
IP strategy

Learn the ins and outs of IP

Expand your understanding of IP and learn how to identify your valuable ideas and creations, then safeguard them for the future.

ElevateIP Alberta offers education and training opportunities through webinars, expert panels and collaboration with the Alberta BAI ecosystem.

Develop a solid IP strategy

Developing an IP strategy is vital for aligning business goals with your IP endeavours. An effective IP strategy can help you prioritize your plan to protect your IP as you grow your business, including how to…

  • Determine how to monetize your IP
  • Create a budget for IP sustainability
  • Determine third-party rights
  • Develop non-registerable IP protection strategies
  • Prevent IP disclosure

ElevateIP Alberta will cover up to 100% of approved costs (less taxes) up to $15,000

Implement your IP strategy

Implementing IP means putting your strategy into action to protect your company’s IP. IP implementation activities can include but are not limited to…

  • Trademark search
  • Patentability analysis
  • Filing of IP applications
  • Filing and registration for formal IP applications
  • Risk assessments

ElevateIP Alberta will cover up to 65-90% of approved costs (less taxes) up to $100,000

Apply Now for Fall 2024 Funding

We are currently accepting applications for late 2024 funding.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Registered or headquartered in Alberta
  • Fewer than 500 employees
  • Fewer than 10 years in business
  • Less than $10M annual recurring revenue
  • Less than $1M in dilutive funding raised
  • Associated with an Alberta-based business accelerator or incubator

ElevateIP Alberta is funded until March 31, 2026

The three E’s of ElevateIP Alberta


Educate startups and BAIs on IP to increase the accessibility of IP support and encourage the exchange of best practices.


Empower underrepresented groups by offering IP support to foster equitable accessibility and inclusivity.


Elevate Alberta startups through enhanced IP support, tailored to individual needs to enable rapid scaling and sustainable growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intellectual property (IP)?

IP refers to a category of legally recognized rights that are granted to individuals or entities for their creations or inventions. These rights are designed to protect and incentivize innovation and creativity. IP are creations of the mind.

For example, IP can refer to inventions, artistic works, symbols, designs, names, images, software, manufacturing processes, and much more. There are several types of IP such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, industrial designs, and informal IP.

Which activities are not eligible for funding through ElevateIP Alberta?

ElevateIP Alberta is unable to fund the following: taxes or costs associated with taxes, litigation costs, ongoing licensing fees, infringement-related costs, costs associated with the repayment of existing debt, the purchase of assets, entertainment expenses, and fines or penalties.

Are startups required to use law firms assigned by the ElevateIP Alberta program?

ElevateIP Alberta curates a list of approved vendors to support your IP needs. If you are working with an IP agent or lawyer, you can request to have them join the ElevateIP Alberta program.

IP strategy must be completed by an Alberta-based provider. IP implementation can be completed by a non-Alberta provider with approval.

Can I still participate in ElevateIP Alberta if I don’t meet the program requirements?

ElevateIP Alberta also provides educational opportunities geared toward enhancing IP knowledge within the ecosystem. These workshops are offered at no cost and are open to all interested individuals. Please note that ElevateIP Alberta funding is only available to applicants who have been accepted into the program.


ElevateIP Alberta is part of a national program. If you are not based in Alberta and do not meet this requirement, please check with your regional ElevateIP program.

Is there a cost associated with participating in the ElevateIP Alberta program?

Companies do not have to pay to access ElevateIP Alberta funding. However, there are requirements in the application that might cost you money. This includes the cost of paying a lawyer to verify your dilutive funding by confirming a CAP Table. Additionally, entrepreneurs are required to pay for the taxes and their co-investment amount (10-35%) for IP Implementation.

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ElevateIP Alberta is delivered on behalf of the University of Calgary, in partnership by Innovate Calgary and Economic Development Lethbridge